"There's so much power in giving girls chances."

By Mia, GOTR-DC Coach on 1/10/2017

"When the coaches would debrief around the practices, it was remarkable to notice the changes in girls from practice to practice and at the end. Our principal brought up that she was so wonderfully surprised by the pride and emotion that the girls showed after the 5K.

They set a goal for themselves and they saw it through. And even though they experienced self-doubt along the way, they got to see the end result and the finished product. It was very powerful and empowering for them.

One girl in particular stands out - she absolutely LOVED GOTR - DC. She looked forward to it at the end of the day. It motivated her. During the season, at times she had challenging interactions with her teacher or other students at school, so she would go down the hall to make sure they were still having practice that day, and it became not only motivating but a safe space for her. It was a place where her personality could be celebrated for being empowering, and she could be proud of her thoughts. Being able to channel her energy and to celebrate those aspects of her that otherwise might be shut down, it gave her a different voice. Two weeks past the celebratory end of season 5K, she was still wearing her medal proudly. And now, she wants to be the first person to turn her registration in when the school opens registration for the program in January!

I personally believe 100% in everything GOTR does. The curriculum is so meaningful and impactful and so relevant to the girls. The girls always have something to share and to contribute. It was truly transformative for the girls. It was developmentally appropriate and relevant for different girls with different home lives and learning abilities.

The girls on the team really persevered through any challenges that they encountered. There is so much power in giving girls chances. 

It's not just a sports team focused on outcomes, it is focused on personal growth as well as goals."

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