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GOTR - DC Blogger

Empowering Every Stride: GOTR-DC's Fall 2023 Community 5K

GOTR-DC Participants beam with pride with their medals after the 5K (Photo by: Colleen Randolph)

The morning of Sunday, November 19 was filled with a promise of joy and empowerment as over 1,600 participants, from spirited girls to dedicated Coaches, families, and enthusiastic community members, converged at Anacostia Park. It was a day filled with vibrant colors, boundless energy, and the shared commitment to the mission of Girls on the Run - DC (GOTR-DC). The Community 5K was not just a race; it was a celebration of community, strength, and unwavering support for the empowerment of every girl.

A Festive Atmosphere

Before the 5K officially kicked off, the atmosphere was electric. The park was alive with laughter and excitement as program participants took part in face painting, colorful hair spray, and a lively warm-up led by the charismatic MC Chris Cross. The anticipation in the air set the perfect tone for a day dedicated to celebrating a season of achievements.

Celebrating Personal Triumphs

Individuals of all ages embarked on the 3.1-mile course, each step resonating with GOTR-DC's mission and vision of determination and resilience of every participant. This event wasn't just a race; it was a showcase of community, strength, and the unwavering support for the empowerment of every girl.

Explore additional highlights captured during the 5K on our Flickr page!


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