"GOTR-DC is about confidence, connection, courage and contribution..."

By Alissa Huntoon on 5/24/2017

I choose to volunteer with and support GOTR-DC because it provides the opportunity to combine so much of what I am passionate about and value, while also having a fun time! So much of why I love running (goal setting, accomplishment, confidence, endurance, courage, fitness, community etc.) is what this program is about for young girls. Through the GOTR curriculum and working with amazing coaches, young girls have a unique setting to participate in conversations and activities that support their growth and development in a healthy, positive, and inclusive way. GOTR-DC is about confidence, connection, courage and contribution and those are values that are extremely important to me.

In Spring 2017 I am looking forward to continued work as a Team Adelaide volunteer and supporting GOTR-DC in new ways. And most importantly, I am excited to support and cheer for all the young girls in this program!

Girls on the Run - DC
1211 Connecticut Avenue NW
Suite 304
Washington, DC 20036

(202) 607-2288