A Coach & SoleMate's Story

By GOTR-DC on 10/17/2016

"As I started coaching, practices became the highlight of my day. We only had six girls on our team, but they were so committed. Practice provided a safe space for them to talk about things that they couldn’t always talk about in the classroom walls."They actively participated in lessons and we could see them becoming more self-confident with every conversation and every run. All of our girls completed the 5K at the end of the season and every parent of our girls came to support them. In a school that often struggles with family engagement, I think this showed how important this was to the girls and their families. 

Although every girl on our team grew throughout the season, there was one particular girl who really came out of her shell over the course of the season. She was the quietest girl on the team, as well as the only 8th grader, and she often would not speak up in practice. She also needed a lot of encouragement to run in practice. As the season went on, she became more comfortable and opened up more in practice. The other girls on the team would encourage her, both to speak up and to run. I often ran with her in practice to encourage her to run for longer periods of time before walking because I knew she could do it. She was awarded a spirit award by her teammates at the end of one of the practices, and you could see how much it meant to her by the smile on her face. I was especially proud to see her finish the 5K at the end of the season."

Thank you Tammy for your time and dedication to changing girls' lives in DC!

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