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Tell Your GOTR-DC Story: Meet Sabriyya Pate

Coach Spotlight Sabriyya Pate

Why did you become a GOTR-DC Coach?

I care deeply about helping women and girls feel confident in who they are: we live in a world where women and girls face unique obstacles that get in the way of them living their most fulfilling, authentic, and autonomous lives. As an elementary school student, I was really shy and didn’t have any big sisters or many women role models. When I moved to DC and looked into volunteer opportunities, I learned about GOTR - DC and was instantly inspired by its mission! It’s the exact program I wish I had done when I was younger.

What is your favorite memory/story from this season?

It’s so hard to pick a favorite memory from this season! One of my favorite memories has to be the first day of season. I fell on my bike while on the way to practice and hurt my knee. When the girls began to arrive, I did not know what to expect. I immediately learned that they were very fun kids, each with unique and fabulous personalities. While they were also rambunctious and excited for the Girls on The Run season, they were quick to notice my knee and ask if I needed help. I was touched by how caring and attentive they were. I knew instantly that I would grow to love them.

What is your favorite lesson/skill that you have taught this season?

In one of our lessons, we used the phrase “I feel ___, when you ___, because ____. I would like for you to ___” repeatedly throughout practice (filling in the blanks each time). I like this phrase because it is a simple and effective framework for setting boundaries, providing feedback, and expressing emotions. 

Tell us one way being a GOTR-DC Coach has positively impacted your life?

The wonderful girls I've met through GOTR-DC have taught me what it can look like to embrace your inner child and let loose. I was also reminded of how hard it can be to be yourself when you are in elementary/middle school and trying to fit in, juggle harder coursework, and ‘figure out’ friendships. As a GOTR-DC Coach, I was inspired by the tenacity with which my team grasped the concepts from each lesson and modeled kindness and compassion with each other. I also learned lots of Tik Tok dances and pop culture references!

Interested in becoming a Volunteer Coach for the Fall 2022 season? Click here to submit the interest form.


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